RentDirectpro keeps you property making Money keeps your property making Money by keeping your cost down on maintenance and rehab.  If you need to paint,clean gutters,cement work, electrical work or any other type of maintenance we can take care of it. The other great thing is we get it done quickly.

If you need to to rehab your home and the city is involved we can take care of that also.  We just finished a property in Shaker Heights that could not get passed through the city with another company.  We met with the inspector and got it passed quickly. We meet with the inspectors for inspections and know what they want done. Meeting the inspectors and getting all the city paperwork done on properties is what we do.

We can also save you money on installing a new Roof on your home.  We have done many properties that needed a roof.  We can save you a ton of money on this.

We also help you get your property rented quickly through our Rental Program.  We have a ton of advertising at our fingertips and will work with your property management to help get it rented quickly.  is your one stop shop to keeping your property making money.

One last thing we also do total remodeling for kitchens,Bathrooms, and any other part of the home. Call Brett 216-703-5740 

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