RentDirectPro Benefits

Happy Client

Our service is number 1!

We help you out when you need it.  For example if you get a high quote call us first.  We can usually beat the price you been quoted.  We just saved one of clients $1100 on a rental property.

Our system is second to none!

We have a staff of sub contractors and contractors that can get the job done for you. We supervise and understand all the city inspections and codes.  We are licensed and bonded for every city.

Our system saves you money! When your looking for a tenant

Time is money. Our system will put a tenant into your property fast! We will find you a quality, per-screened tenant in under 30 days on average. Vacancy = Wasted Money. Don’t let vacancy eat away at your bottom line.  We charge you 1 month rent to get a tenant quickly.

We offer a broad range of services!

We can be your one stop maintenance and repair company. We have finished and rented over 350 properties.  We can also help you find a property manager that fits your needs.


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