Getting high prices on your repairs?

If you need our services to help you keep your repair cost down, we have the people who can do that.  I was at a property last evening that we were finishing up to make sure all inspections would pass.  We had to finish some stairs in the front of the home. Here are some pictures

These stairs match all the codes the city requires and we got them done in one day.  We also had to replace the roof on this home.  You have to give the color of the shingles to the city for approval. We will be getting our final inspections for this home early next week. The stone on the steps are made out of are all you can use in this city.

 We can handle all the major or minor work you need and pull all the permits that each individual city requires. We also can work with your property management to get your property rented for the top rents in your area.  Call Brett 216-703-5740

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